Choice, attainment and positive destinations: exploring the impact of curriculum policy change on young people

Our project, led by Dr Marina Shapira and Professor Mark Priestley at the University of Stirling, aims to explore curriculum provision in Scottish secondary schools and the relationships between patterns of provision and educational outcomes/transitions. The study will combine the analysis of existing secondary data (e.g. Scottish Population Census data linked with administrative education data) with the generation of new data (survey, interview and focus group data) about curriculum provision and accompanying processes of decision making, including the role of teachers, students and their families in these decisions.

Academic team

The project team comprises Dr Shapira and Professor Priestley, along with researchers Dr Tracey Peace-Hughes, Dr Camilla Barnett and Michelle Ritchie. It is supported by Dr Dave Griffiths, in the role of critical colleague.


The project has been funded by the Nuffield Foundation, but the views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily the Foundation.

Theme by the University of Stirling

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